Protocol Ministry

Protocol Ministry

This is a ministry of service and the vision is based on service to others. It’s led by Roselyn Rae.

To “Show Hospitality to Strangers” – Hebrews 13.2 (NIV)


  • To provide a hospitable and conducive environment for visiting Guest Ministers (both local and international) with the sole aim of making them feel at home outside their home.
  • To provides support services such as flight booking; arranging for comfortable hotel accommodation; transport services and warm reception deserving of an ambassador of God upon arrival at the airport or in the church.
  • To cater well for guest ministers within the ambience of church provisions/budget.
  • To cater for the well being of the bishop, resident pastors and their spouses to facilitate ministry by providing requisite support services to assist him/her deliver God’s message with no hindrance. This is done in conjunction with other ministries.

There are two distinct functions of the protocol ministry.

  • Team Leader (Led by Roselyn Rae): Responsible for scheduling and providing resources to protocol
  • Protocol Officers: Perform protocol duties during the service.
    During big events, the ministry requests for members of the ushering ministry to beef up
    the service.


  • Recruitment of protocol officers
  • Training of protocol officers
  • Research on invited guests to ensure good service.