Sunday School Ministry

Sunday School Ministry

This ministry is led by James Osodo, who’s the patron in-charge of teachers & the whole ministry.

Our Vision

To reach out and teach the word of God to Children entrusting the to the Holy Spirit who is able to cause growth.


To train children in the way of the Lord encouraging the always about the hope we have in Christ now and the future

Our Classes or Levels

  • Baby class
  • Middle
  • Pre-Teens
  • Teens
  • Pre-Youth


We work in line with the church calendar as we discharge our mandate and calling, we do;

  • Outreaches
  • Teachers Trainings
  • Vocational Bible study


Main Church Compound – Eldoret

Rapha School Classes

Services Time

Sunday, 1st Service

07:30AM – 10:00AM

Sunday, 2nd Service

10:00AM – 12:30PM